Save Your Sign

“Are you aware the reader board with Bible texts is out?”

“My husband and I read it every day and look forward to the new texts.”

“Everyday the billboard is down is a tragedy.”

These quotes are just a few samples of the many calls being received since the billboard has not been functioning. The Nampa sign (one of three in Idaho) had been displaying daily scriptures since 1984. It went black in the fall of 2012 due to technical issues. The outdated technology of the existing sign (installed in 2002) makes it necessary to replace the current display rather than repair what is currently there.

How You Can Help “Save Your Sign”

Pray! God’s Word is continually being removed from public places in our country. We need His hand and guidance to preserve it. If you are led to become more involved in the effort to get the sign back online, you can help by becoming a volunteer or by contributing to the fund to update the sign. (Donations of any amount are so appreciated.)

To make a donation to the “Save Your Sign” restoration project, please click on the “Donations” button on our menu bar or you can mail a check to 1602 W. Lee Court, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, 83814

Keep checking here for updates!

It is so exciting to see how the Lord will work through His people to ensure His Word will stand!